A contributor to one of the world’s foremost business magazines Forbes has mentioned some select Bajan businesses that top the list for her on her last visit to the 246.

In a recent article titled ‘Supporting Local while Luxirating in Barbados’, lifestyle journalist Baz Dresinger highlighted notable establishment/brands that she labeled as well worth the coins they charge. 

The lucrative financial magazine made mention of swimsuit company SeaReinasOne Love Bar in Holetown, Seashed Barbados restaurant, The Rum Stop Bar in Limegrove Lifestyle Center, Bajan 1966 Rum, and Barbados Connect

Writer Baz Dresinger says in her piece that she believes in supporting locally owned businesses while vacationing especially at this time of COVID-19.

She wrote; “Supporting locally owned businesses when traveling has always been the way to go—but never more so than now, in the wake of a pandemic ravaging tourism-based economies. So if you’re going to venture to the Caribbean this season, as I did—thank you, Barbados, for welcoming a weary New Yorker with open arms—consider it a must to do your research and get behind all things Bajan. Here are my picks for some Barbadian-owned businesses well worth putting those American dollars toward.”

Two other Bajan businesses highlighted in the article are Chef Thaddeus Sealy and his DODI brand, and the Vegan restaurant Plantlyfe owned and operated by Allison Burnham, who both have been featured previously by Loop News Barbados. Burnham’s second baby, her dessert shop Coconut Baby also was mentioned as well.

Sealy told Loop he is happy with the nod from the publication and credits everything to the work of the tireless team around him.  

“Honestly, it’s quite surreal and it’s not even about me. It’s about the whole entire team, the friends, the family, patrons, those who supported…We got to put Barbados on the map our way…So we got more work to do,” he said. 

Chef Allison Burnham said this is her second time appearing in the prestigious financial magazine but she is still entirely grateful for the mention.

“It’s great. This is the second mention in Forbes for Coconut Baby… I hope that the mention will get more Bajans to come try Plant Lyfe, and see that plant-based food can be delicious and satisfying,” she shared.

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