An adventure vehicle manufacturer and dealer has opened shop near the Tucson airport.

Tucson-based Mountain View Adventure Vehicles sells Mercedes Benz Sprinter vehicles that have been retrofitted as off-road RVs for travel and lodging or for mobile offices.

The company leased 15,000 square feet of industrial space in the Tucson Airport Center, 2859 E. Elvira Road, from H&A Realty LLC for its manufacturing and showroom. Robert C. Glaser, with Picor, represented the tenant and the landlord was represented by Alexandra Demeroutis and Jesse Blum, with CBRE.

Greg Conser started Mountain View Tours — a luxury charter bus company — about 30 years ago and last year began sales of the smaller vehicles, said his daughter Ruth, the company’s marketing director.

Amenities in the oversized vans include showers, toilets, pull-out beds, cooking burners, hot water and air conditioning.

Most have off-road capability, Conser said and can be taken to most national parks — unlike a regular RV. They have a 10-foot clearance and fit into a regular parking spot. The vehicles cost between $90,000 and $180,000.

The pandemic has brought business to the company.

“We’re seeing a lot of people who want to travel, but they can’t go out of the country and they don’t want to stay in hotels,” Conser said. “We’re also getting customers who buy them and turn them into mobile offices to travel and work from home at the same time.”

The vehicle frames are acquired from Mercedes Benz and the interior components are manufactured locally at the Tucson site.

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Other recent commercial transactions include:

  • California investors bought the six-unit complex at 1010 N. Jones Blvd. for $649,000. Brokers with ABI Multifamily handled the sale.
  • McCraren Properties 4 LLC bought 6,771 square feet of retail space at 2019 and 2025 S. Fourth Ave. from Willard M. Adams and Joyce I. Adams for $335,000. Max Fisher, with Picor, represented the buyer and Timothy Bathen, with Arizona Acquisition Strategies, represented the seller.
  • Xtreme Landscaping LLC leased 4,320 square feet of industrial space at 6138 S. Nogales Highway from Shell Investments LLC. Max Fisher, with Picor, handled the transaction.
  • High Maintenance Supply LLC leased 4,246 square feet of industrial space at 1775 S. Pantano Road from Eastside Center LLC. Ron Zimmerman, with Picor, represented the landlord.
  • Embassy Tire & Wheel LLC leased 3,948 square feet of retail space at 850 E. 22nd St. from Ashton Properties 1 LP. Dave Hammack, with Picor, represented the landlord and Mark Hays, with Tierra Antigua Realty, represented the tenant.
  • Cummings Aerospace Inc. leased 3,000 square feet of office space in Swan Corporate Center, 4713 E. Camp Lowell Drive, from Siempre Juntos LLC. Richard M. Kleiner, with Picor, represented the landlord and Kristy Kelley, with Long Realty Co., represented the tenant.

Information for Tucson Real Estate is compiled from records at the Pima County Recorder’s Office and from brokers. Send information to Gabriela Rico, [email protected].


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